Why should I brand my business?

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Why Should I Brand My Business?

McDonald’s, Apple, Windows, Nike – we all know those companies that you recognize by just seeing a logo. When we see a well-known logo we immediately have an emotional response. You instantly know what this company does and their reputation but more importantly you know how it makes you feel.

These companies have spent many dollars and hours of time branding their business. It is not only the big companies that do this however. Building your brand is essential no matter what size your company is.

Building a brand may be low on the list of vital to do tasks on your daily list that keeps your customers happy and revenue coming in. This is understandable but I am here to tell you just why you should move branding up on your to do list.

What is Branding?

Before I begin I should probably tell you what branding is exactly. No it is not tattooing your employees with your business logo. You laugh but I actually had a client who strongly urged his employees to get the business logo tattooed on their arm and I was surprised at how many actually did it!

Branding is a name, term, design, symbol or other feature that distinguishes one seller’s product from those of others. Think of it as your businesses thumbprint.

Simply put, your brand is your promise to your customers. It tells them what you can expect from your products or services. Your brand is derived from who you are, who you want to be as a business, and how people perceive you to be.

How do I brand my business?

First let’s replace the word “branding” with “reputation”. Ask yourself what you want your reputation to be. I know what you are saying, “Well I want my reputation to be good, duh!” Obviously, but what else do you want your reputation to be?

  • Great Customer Service
  • Inexpensive product
  • Great quality
  • Cutting edge technology
    Maybe you want to be known for all of these things, maybe not.
    Branding is all about the impression you make. If you want to succeed, that impression should do two jobs
  • It should convey what is special about your business
  • It should show you in a positive light

This is a two-step process. You must first decide what you stand for. This is called a UPS (unique selling proposition). This is what makes your business stand out in the crowd and tells your customers what is special about you. It defines who you are aiming at and how you want to position yourself. This is vital and should not be rushed. The next step is to make sure that all of the aspects of your business are aligned with this.

How can I use Social Media to make my brand?

Like it or not, social media has become one of the best ways to brand your company. The reality is people enjoy being part of a business that brands themselves proactively. Studies show that a customer would rather give their money to a business with an active Facebook fan page rather that without. They begin to trust you when they see a company building a community for themselves.

For social media branding community is everything. Everything online has really surrounded the concept of building a community that can vouch for your business. People like to feel like they are involved and by creating a brand via social media you are giving the opportunity to just that.

Here are just a few more benefits of using social media to promote your business:

  • Helping potential customers who are surfing the net find your website faster
  • Increasing traffic on your website and generate more online sales
  • Targeting specific customers via social media advertising
  • Staying ahead of your competition by making the most of every marketing opportunity.
  • Having another platform to sell your products. Many of the social media sites will allow you to sell your products like Facebook Shop
  • Customer Service

The whole package

The most important thing that you need to do when branding your company is to be consistent. From your website to your online ads to social media platforms you should be relaying the same message and using the same logo. The goal is to brand yourself so that when customers see your logo that get that warm and fuzzy feeling.

Branding does not happen overnight and can seem like a never ending project but once you decide what you want to be when your business grows up then you will find that it is easier than you thought. Being consistent and creative will go far for your brand.

Social Media Marketing for Multiple Generations

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Social Media Marketing for Multiple Generations

It really doesn’t matter what your business is there is a good chance that you have a broad customer base. There are over 2 billion people who use social media and reaching them is easier than ever. Or is it?

Age is the Rage

When it comes to marketing, social media content for your audience is key. One way to target your social media marketing efforts is by age group.

Remember when I said that there are approximately 2 billion people using social media? Well obviously they are all not on at the same time. Generational groups all have different preferences and habits when it comes to their favorite social media sites. They all also have different ways in which they engage with content.

Generation Z (age 13-19)

It is unwise to discount this group. They are the future and know what they want and how to get it. If you are not considering them marketing efforts you are missing out on future sales. If you place yourself in their minds now they will remember you in the future. Let’s not forget about the influence that they have on their parents. I do not know about you but my teenagers are my “go to” on what is in and what is not. Typically, if they do not recommend it I do not give it a second thought.

  • They spend approximately $44 billion in annual purchasing power
  • The average attention span is 8 seconds
  • 33% would like brands to email them
  • 32% say Instagram is their favorite social media site
  • They are connected for 1+ hours per day, but about half (46%) are connected 10+ hours per day.(
  • One-in-four (25%) are actively connected (checking email, messages, etc.) within five minutes of waking up, while nearly three-in-four (73%) are connected in an hour or less. (
  • Generation Z will travel across digital mediums and it is important for brands to travel with them.

This group, more than any other, needs to be impressed instantly. With an average 8-second attention span, you better be creative and attention grabbing or you are likely to lose this group.

(age 20-35)

Some marketers may find it hard to wrap their minds around millennial consumers but they have to do it. No if, ands or butts.This, in my opinion, is the most influential group. If you aren’t reaching this group then you may as well hang it up now. Not only do Millennials have an influence on Generation Z, they have it on Generation X and Baby Boomers. If you can corner this market you have a good chance of cornering the others as well.

  • Numbering roughly 77 million, millennials make up about one-fourth of the US population (Nielsen).
  • Millennials in the US wield about $1.3 trillion in annual buying power (Boston Consulting Group).
  • More than 85 percent of millennials in the US own smartphones.
  • 87 percent of online adults in the US age 18 to 29 use Facebook, with 53 percent on Instagram, 37 percent on Twitter and 34 percent on Pinterest (Pew Research Center). That age group represents a large chunk of millennials.
  • Five out of six millennials in the US connect with companies on social media networks (SDL).
  • Millennials in the US are seven times more likely to give their personal information to a trusted brand than to any other brand (SDL).
  • 66 percent of millennials in the US follow a company or brand on Twitter and 64 percent like a company or brand on Facebook to score a coupon or discount (University of Massachusetts Dartmouth).
  • 43% of Millennials want brands to reach them via email.

It is staggering the influence that this generation has on other generations.

Generation X (age 36-49)

As a member of this generation I can say that more than any other, we are stuck in the middle and tend to get forgotten.
It may be time to start shifting your attention to Gen Xers. As the Baby Boomers continue to age, we’re finding that they are more consumed with retirement and spending time with their Grandkids than the latest hi-tech gadget.
For the first time ever, adults defined as Generation X are spending more of their money on luxury items than they Baby Boomers. Let that sink in for a moment.

Generation X is a part of the only generation who regularly consumes their marketing messages from all of the media channels including social media and mobile (unlike Baby Boomers) and TV/Cable (unlike Gen Y). It is like the trifecta for all of the major brands marketing campaigns.

  • Numbering roughly 77 million, Gen X makes up about one-fourth of the US population (Nielsen).
  • Gen X in the US wield about $1.3 trillion in annual buying power (Boston Consulting Group).
  • More than 85 percent of Gen X in the US own smartphones (Nielsen).
  • 87 percent of online adults in the US age 18 to 29 use Facebook, with 53 percent on Instagram, 37 percent on Twitter and 34 percent on Pinterest (Pew Research Center). That age group represents a large chunk of Gen X.
  • Five out of six Gen X in the US connect with companies on social media networks (SDL).
  • Gen X in the US are seven times more likely to give their personal information to a trusted brand than to any other brand (SDL).
  • 66 percent of Gen X in the US follow a company or brand on Twitter and 64 percent like a company or brand on Facebook to score a coupon or discount (University of Massachusetts Dartmouth).
  • 51 percent of US Gen X would share information with companies in exchange for an incentive (USC Annenberg Center for the Digital Future).

While I do not think that my generation is the most important to market to I do not think that, by any means, you should leave them out totally. Generation X sort of holds all of the cards when it comes to buying power. They are old enough to not still have student loans and have started their careers, therefore, having extra income and young enough to still make a marketing impression on and earn their extra dollars.

Baby Boomers (age 50-65)

Ahh the Baby Boomers. Aptly named they have access to 70% of the U.S. disposable income. I am sure we have all seen the memes with the child talking to his Grandma on the phone with an exasperated look on his face trying to explain the internet. Do not let this generation fool you. They are as tech savvy as other generations for the most part. The difference is that they have to learn it and it does not come second hand like it does to say Generation Z or the Millennials.

I mentioned that this generation mainly focuses on retirement and spending time with their grandchildren. Those grandchildren, if you recall, are Generation Z. They want to connect with their Grandkids and social media is the easiest way to do that. This adorable generation loves loves loves Facebook. 84.9% of Boomers said that they belong to and are active on Facebook. When it comes to social media they are very loyal.

  • 60% of people in the 50 – 64 year age group, which is most of the boomer population, are now on at least one social media site (
  • Baby boomers spend 27 hours per week online, which is two hours more per week than those who are between 16 and 34. (
  • 61% of seniors and 46% of seniors age 65+ use email. (
  • 82.3% of baby boomers belong to at least one social media site. (Source DMN3)
  • Baby boomers are less likely to use other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. 5% of 65+ year olds online use Twitter as compared to 31% of 18-29 year olds, and only 1% of the same group online has an Instagram account. (Source Post Control Marketing)
  • Baby boomers take action based on what they see on social media, and most of the time it’s focused on finding more information. (Source DMN3)
  • Baby Boomers are 19% more likely to share content compared to any other generation, reinforcing the notion that Facebook’s demographic is trending slightly older. (Source Digital Trends)
  • Baby Boomers are the least likely to use a smartphone to make a purchase from social media (Source Marketing Sherpa)

Now What?

There are literally thousands of studies done on marketing to the different generations. I could talk to you all day about it but I will spare you (for now).

What it boils down to is marketing to each different generation is based on analytics. If you just build a marketing plan and hope for the best you probably will not get the results that you are hoping for. As an experienced social media marketing professional, I would be remiss if I did not give you the advice of leaving it to the professionals.
Having a dedicated marketing company on your side will allow you to not only have to keep up with all of the statistics but it will allow you to have a creative outlet that is knowledgeable and can create different marketing strategies that are geared specifically towards each generation.

Is Pinterest Right for my Business?

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I am always surprised when I tell my clients about Pinterest and they have no idea what I am talking about. I sometimes feel that Pinterest is viewed as the weed in your garden that always looks like a flower but you are never really sure so you just leave it and tend to the rest of your garden hoping for the best. Pinterest, however, is quickly becoming one of the top social media sites to advertise on. While it does have some limitations like not being able to sell products from the site there are ways to get around that and leaving your footprint on this site can pay off big.

Pinterest boasts themselves as the world’s largest catalog of ideas. You can literally get lost in a sea of ideas on any topic you can think of and for some, it is very addicting (I am told that I am addicted to Pinterest but I am in denial.) It is for this reason that you must have your Pinterest page very organized and know what is trending. Pinterest puts out a review every year that gives their predictions of what will be trending in the upcoming year.


1.emerging as a popular trend:
trending fashion accessories.

2. widely mentioned or discussed on the Internet, especially on social-media websites: trending topics on Twitter.

Is Pinterest right for my business?

There are a few ways that you can tell if Pinterest is one of the right social media platforms for your business. Let’s examine the top 4 ways to know if Pinterest is right for you.

1 – Your Customers know best – Take a look at your Google Analytics. If you do not have Google Analytics you need to immediately stop reading this post, turn off your computer and walk away.
Assuming that you do have Google Analytics you may be surprised to find that if you check the traffic referral section you may find that Pinterest is already driving traffic your way. If this is the case then your customers are already indicating that Pinterest is a platform that you want to invest your time on.

2 – Eye Inspiring – Pinterest is based on the theory that people respond to images quicker that they do text. For this reason you need to ask yourself “Can I sell my products through eye catching graphics?” It is actually easier said than done. The world has many creative people all vying for attention and if you are not at the top of your visual game then more than likely you will be lost in the crowd. Having a graphic designer on staff dedicated to creating that visual pot of gold is key.
The trick here is quality over quantity. The trick here is quality over quantity. To spark a pinning frenzy, you must identify your highest-quality visual content, and then put it within easy reach of Pinterest users.

3 – Question your creative strength – There is not a right or wrong answer to these questions. Some have it and some don’t. It is vital that you ask yourself
“Do I have the creative strength to consistently produce eye catching graphics that will keep my audience interested?”
“Does the idea of having to create said graphics on a consistent basis make you want to get into your car and drive it off of a cliff?”
Your graphics need to be industry specific and not just promotional. You do not want to make your audience feel that you are just trying to sell them something. You must make them feel comfortable and knowledgeable about your company. If you make them feel like they are in control then they will be more likely to become a loyal customer.
One of the things that you can do with your social media platforms to gain the trust of your customers is to ask them what they want. Create a poll and link it to your website and other social media sites that you have. Make them feel needed.

4 – Do you have the time? – Either you do or you do not, it is as simple as that. The nice thing about Pinterest is that, unlike Facebook or Twitter, the content stays fresh for much longer. If you are a one man small business and you do not have a lot of time to post on social media sites several times a week just trying to be seen then you will Love Pinterest. The advertising shelf life is much like YouTube. It will provide a longer term stream of referral traffic.

Pinning is Winning

I am not going to lie, when I get a notification that someone else has “pinned” one of my clients pics I do a little victory dance. When someone Pins one of your pictures then it is on their page so all of their friends see it. It also means that I have created a graphic that was eye catching and spoke to my client. That my friends is the who reason to have a Pinterest account for your business.

All in all I think that no matter what type of business you have you cannot go wrong with Pinterest. It is growing everyday and quickly joining the “popular crowd” of social media sites.
Let’s look at some of Pinterest and I’ll let you decide for yourself.
[ Source Digital Marketing Company UAE – GMI ]

  • In 2016 Pinterest announced that 150 million people use its platform every month — including 70 million in the US — up from last year’s 100 million mark.
  • Pinterest has developed the Promote button that allows an advertiser to promote in as little as 9 seconds. It might as well be called the “Easy Button” I would like to note that the limitations on promoting a Pin can be a bit daunting. Sometimes coming up with a graphic that says all you need to say is harder than it sounds. They also do not allow you to have images with a false sense of urgency like “Click”, “:Buy Now”, “Call Now” so you have to be creative with your text in order to get your message across.
  • Nearly 75% of Pinterest users have purchased something on the platform or because of the platform
  • Businesses have more success on Pinterest when they post five times a day
  • 60% of Pinterest users are in the United States
  • Pinterest allows you to schedule Pins. This is helpful if you have time scheduled off or get sick. Yeah Yeah sure…I don’t get sick either but it is nice to know it is there if you need it.

Don’t have the creative wherewithal or time to have a successful Pinterest page? Contact us today for your free social media audit.

Is Instagram Right For My Business?

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The Rising Star

Believe it or not people were taking pictures before Instagram. They were even sharing said photos before Instagram! We all have to admit that before Instagram sharing photos was not quite as fun. Instagram has several cool filters that allow even the most inexperienced photog look professional.
With many millions now using the app everyday there is no shortage on statistics.

  • The network was bought by Facebook on 9 April 2012, for $1 billion and at the time, Instagram had only 30 million users.
  • Instagram introduced advertising for select brands in October 2013, but didn’t open up advertising for all until September 2015.
  • Instagram now has 400 million active users
  • Over 60% of users log in daily, making it the second most engaged network after Facebook
  • 30% of internet users are now on Instagram
  • Over 40 billion photos have been shared
  • Instagram clocks up 3.5 billion likes every day
  • On an average day, 80 million photos are shared
  • 48.8% of brands are on Instagram. By 2017, this is predicted to rise to 70.7%
  • If we only look at the top 100 brands in the world, 90% have an Instagram account
  • Engagement with brands on Instagram is 10 times higher than Facebook, 54 times higher than Pinterest, and 84 times higher than Twitter

Here is a stat that will blow your mind and will give you an idea of the power of marketing via photos can be .” It is also estimated that ten percent of all photos ever taken were snapped in the last twelve months. It seems our appetite for photography shows no signs of slowing down. These Instagram stats demonstrate how important this trend is for marketers hoping to reach their audience.” (

I think that you would have to agree with me that based on that last stat that photo and video marketing is the wave of the future.

Isn’t Instagram only for posting photos?

If Instagram were for only posting photos I would not bother blogging about how it can benefit your business. Even so, the myth is out there and I am here to tell you that it is not true. Instagram has grown from a tiny social media sapling into a grand oak in a very small span of time. There are not many social media platforms that have soared to the top faster than Instagram has. With its ability to provide analytics, video capabilities and tagging it is now easier than ever to reach your target audience.

Instagram offers two fairly new (at least to Instagram) options. The first is the Instagram Story. This is sort of a copy of what SnapChat offers. Instagram Stories are disappearing pieces of content, including photos and video that disappear after 24 hours.

In addition to Instagram Stories, users can take and stream live video that disappears — sort of like a combination between Facebook Live and Snapchat. You can give customers a live look behind the scenes of interesting aspects of your business (or answer live questions through the comments). Once the video has ended, it is no longer available anywhere, which sets it apart from Facebook. If you’re looking to take video that remains on your Instagram feed, you can upload video you’ve taken or take video directly through the app to post. If you choose to take or upload video, you can still add filters and change the cover. You also have the option of whether to include sound.

Next to Facebook, I would venture to say that, in my opinion, Instagram is the best way to reach followers with ease.

Instagram’s advantage compared to other networks? It makes sharing a two way street and enables brands to leverage User Generated Content (UGC) by way of photo contests and special campaigns. Creating a brand campaign can be tricky but if done correctly you are destined to have Instagram fame in no time. One of the ways to get the ball rolling is to create a hashtag for your campaign. For example, one of my clients wanted to do a brand campaign. In other words they wanted to tell people who they were. I created a series of posts with the hashtag #DiscoverJazzro and #TaketheLeap. I put these two hashtag in every post and before you knew it we have people sharing and liking our other social media sites as well. This campaign was not created to sell any of the specific products that our client offered but more to let people know about them. I am pleased to say that our social media efforts have been successful.

What is the down side of Instagram?

I will be the first to raise my hand and say that I love Instagram but it does have its limitations. While you can go online and view your timeline and profile as well as view others you cannot edit or share photos or use the search function. You can edit your profile and change your settings via the world wide web but you cannot change your profile picture.

Despite these limitations, Instagram is an amazing social media tool that if used correctly can be a real brand booster but does take some extra time and effort.

What is Geo-Fencing?

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What is Geo-Fencing?

Geo-Fencing is a location-based advertising medium that has the ability to recognize a customer’s proximity to a storefront, thereby sending virtual ads or coupons to their mobile device.

Simply put, geo-tracking allows a business to target individuals who are in a certain area and send them a message in some form (text, ad, coupon). These messages are called Push Notifications (PN). Typically the push notification will be a coupon or special sale.

For example, a local hardware store may set up a geo-fence around the nearest Home Depot. When a consumer comes near the Home Depot they will receive a push notification that promotes a sale that you are having or possibly a message asking them to shop local.

Amazon actually uses geo-fencing to compete with other businesses by putting a fence around all of their competition and when a customer gets near or walks in to their competition Amazon will send them a push notification reminding them that they can compare prices and that they offer same day shipping. This is called “geoconquesting”.

You may be saying to yourself “How can they get away with that?” Well it is a dog eat dog world and if you are not running with the pack then you might as well stay on the porch. Companies who do not take advantage of every option that is offered to them will find that they will fall behind the ones who do. In this age of technology, you can be the little dog and still be on top if you play your cards right. (ok ok enough of the metaphors…for now)

The Wonders of Geo-Fencing

There is no doubt that if you are interacting with the digital world, even in the most minute way, you have heard of Geo-fencing and, like many, really have no idea what it is and how it can apply to you.

Geo-Fencing has been around for years (circa 2002) but back in the day when it was first being used it was only used by large companies due to the cost.
Oh, have we come a long way since then! With nearly two-thirds of Americans owning a smartphone Geo-fencing has become a financially viable option not only for personal use but for businesses as well.

It is compatible with approximately 92% of mobile phones operating in the U.S, does not require the consumer to download an app, and research has shown that 53% of shoppers who use the service make the decision to visit the given retailer after receiving an alert. Also, 50% of the products’ purchased by current users have stated that visits to stores prompted by a text or another method of geo-fencing, were originally unplanned. These metrics are extraordinary, as geo-fencing has, in fact, created incentive for shoppers to buy.

Is Geo-Fencing Right for Me?

Honestly geo-fencing can be used by anyone. The applications are endless. For personal use alone you can use geo-fencing to do everything from adjusting your thermostat to locking your doors to controlling your lights to to-do lists.

A business could also recommend that a customer downloads an app like IFTTT (if this then that) to remind them to come back when they are in the area. Let’s say you are a swimming pool supplier and your customers need to remember to purchase pool cleaning supplies. Your customer can download the app and put in the information that they need and when are in the area again and they need the supplies they will get a message reminding them to do so. You can even go one step further using Get-fencing and when anyone within a certain radius will get a push notification reminding them to but whatever supplies they may need. This also has the potential to put your business rather than your competitors in front of the customer.

The Space and Time of Geo-Fencing

Geo-fencing can cover any distance and diameter according to your necessity and preference. It can include an entire city or you can choose to include a street that faces your business. It can also be very effective when used to target customers with an appropriate time. For example, the town that your business is will be having a town festival. A business, for this example we will use a restaurant, can set a fence around the area of the festival offering a coupon to eat at their restaurant. A push notification will be sent with some great offers to people coming in or out of the event.

Is there a Downside to Geo-Fencing?

No technology ever comes without at least some limitations. Geo-fencing is a technology that requires the permission of the user. There are always some who feel like geo-fencing is an invasion of privacy. I will be honest, there is nothing that you can really do to change that. You can minimize the amount of people who turn off the fences by not being too obtrusive. This makes it even more important to be very picky in when and where you use your geo-tracking. If a customer feels like they are bombarded by your virtual presence then they will be likely to disable the fence.

Does Geo-Fencing Work?

I could write all day long about how important it is for a company to use geo-fencing. What it boils down to are the cold hard facts.

  • Only 22% of businesses say they are using hyperlocal targeting to its full potential – If you are using geo-fencing that means that you are ahead of about 88% of your competitors and if you are not then there is a chance that your competitors are out-advertising you and directly targeting your customers.
  • 77% of Americans own a smartphone – With today’s technology you have the potential of reaching many more customers than in days gone by.
  • 51% of smartphone users have discovered a new company or product when conducting a search on their smartphone – Consumers are increasingly using their mobile devices to research companies and the majority of smartphone users are open to finding new companies or products through their phones. By targeting users directly through their smartphones, you are helping them find your company or product. They are already searching for them. You might as well make it as easy as possible. Right?


I am sure you have heard about retargeting and this goes hand in hand with geo-fencing. Retargeting is the practice of staying in front of a prospect as they go about their daily routine. Retargeting tracking prospects who visit your site and then subsequently displaying your retargeted ads to them when they visit other sites online.
Using Geo-fencing can send push notifications out and drive consumers to your website and you can use that information to complete the circle.

  • Only 2% of shoppers convert on the first visit to an online store. Ad retargeting allows you to connect users with your message multiple times, not just once, increasing conversion rates. In this way, ad retargeting offers one of the best tactics to get small—but powerful—messages delivered across various digital channels with a goal of pulling the end-user back to your site and getting them to take a desired action.

The Pros outweigh the Cons by far in my opinion and implementing geo-tracking into your marketing plan will no doubt result in higher sales.

Branding Services

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Crosby Interactive Branding Services

A brand is your way to communicate with clients the value of your organization and the kind of products or services they can expect from you.

Establishing a solid brand can be a powerful tool and prove vital to the success of any business.

While branding services are much more than just a logo, having a professional logo is not a bad place to start.

What do you want your logo to say about your company?

Crosby Interactive’s branding services will take your ideas and transform them into unique, meaningful images and icons.

We consider the psychology of color and shape; as well as, your industry and competition to effectively bring your brand to the front of the crowd. We want your image to be relevant to the lifestyle of your target audience. We will use research, trends and insights to create your brand experience.

Crosby Interactive’s branding services create beautiful identity design solutions that accurately depict who you are and what you’re about.

Whether you need a total face lift or are getting ready to launch your business, we offer a range of Branding Services and Packages catered for your needs.

If you are interested in creative logos, marketing brochures, business cards or other branding service materials, contact us today.

Unlike some creative firms who outsource their branding services & graphics, our professional Graphic Designers operate in our office daily and are available for one-on-one consultations. We work with your schedule and go where you are to make your design experience more convenient. Crosby Interactive has spent years cultivating the best talent that Louisville has to find in the design and development industry, including our expert Branding Services team. Our team is dedicated and passionate about what they do.

We will begin with a comprehensive consultation and brainstorming session with a project manager and/or graphic designer to discuss your branding services needs. You will be in direct contact with one of our artists throughout the duration of your job making your branding process efficient and easy!

Branding Services

Branding Services Logo Design

Our priority is to bring your vision to life by delivering a powerful logo that positively reflects your company’s identity. Together we will discover your professional color pallet, fonts styles and total look of your Logo.

Branding Print, Design and More

We can build compelling marketing collateral to effectively communicate your branding message. We can use your existing logo and fonts or construct one for you to use your branding on LETTERHEAD, BUSINESS CARDS, POST CARDS, BROCHURES, APPAREL and More!

Branding Services Digital Design

Any digital ads or email marketing should include your logo and unique signature for brand recognition. Our graphic designers can transform your brand into a revenue powerhouse with digital marketing.

By using your logo and message on responsive digital ads you can increase website traffic and sales!

Branding Design Brief

We will put together for you a professional Branding Design Brief. This model will ensure brand consistency within your company; as well as, working with outside vendors. Inside your branding brief will contain your custom logo, your branded color scheme, fonts, and more. You will also be provided with a basic file format bundle. This will include several different file versions of your logo that may be required from time to time.

Is Linkedin Right For My Business

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Is LinkedIn Right for my business?

Ahh, LinkedIn. Out of all of the social media sites, you are my favorite. Most marketers tend to think that putting their advertising dollars into LinkedIn is not a wise move. I cannot disagree more! I think that, while not a great avenue for all businesses, placing ads on LinkedIn can be very rewarding. You do need to be cautious with your budget and start small. Some of us have champagne taste on a beer budget.

LinkedIn’s membership is free but you do have the option to upgrade at different levels. There is really not much difference in the free membership from the paid but if you need any of the upgrades it is worth it, especially if you are using it for employment.

Take a look at the difference:

Free Membership

  • Building a network of connections with no limits on size or numbers
  • Reconnecting with any member of the LinkedIn network provided that he knows you and agrees to connect to you
  • Creating a professional and detailed LinkedIn profile
  • Giving and receiving an unlimited number of recommendations
  • Joining or creating up to 50 different LinkedIn Groups
  • Requesting up to five introductions at one time (after someone accepts an introduction, you can request a new introduction in its place)
  • Performing an unlimited number of searches for LinkedIn members in your extended network

Paid Membership – Packages range from $29.95 – 99.95 per month

  • Sending a message to anyone in the LinkedIn community — regardless of whether she is in your extended network — through an InMail messaging service
  • Sending more introductions than the basic account allows
  • Viewing more LinkedIn profile information of people not in your LinkedIn network when you conduct advanced searches
  • Seeing more LinkedIn network profile information when you conduct advanced searches
  • Seeing exactly who has viewed your profile and how they arrived at your profile
  • Performing a reference check on someone
  • Obtaining membership in the OpenLink program, which gives you unlimited OpenLink messages
  • One-business-day customer service for your LinkedIn questions

Is LinkedIn right for me?

I think of LinkedIn as a highly targeted communications channel that offers marketers a great opportunity. It has +259 million members worldwide, with 100 million in the United States.
(Marketing Land) It provides amazing targeting options including the ability to target by interests, job title and employer. Imagine being able to not only target specific businesses but specific roles and titles. LinkedIn now provides additional value through content with its “influencers” and “Pulse” efforts. Due to these efforts this social site has become more of a content platform that provides a professional news feed.

Ask yourself these questions:

1) Do I know the titles of my target audience? Since LinkedIn offers targeting by title, it can help you pinpoint your audience.
2) Do I know where my target audience works?
3) Do I know the type of role my target audience holds at a company, or their level of seniority?

If you said YES to any of these questions you can run a successful ad campaign on LinkedIn. One of the things that I like about LinkedIn is that, much like other social networking sites, you can add video to your ads. I will cover more on video ads in a future blog but it is one of the most successful ways to reach your advertising goals.

LinkedIn offers two basic pricing models: CPC (cost-per-click) and CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions). It really depends on your goal as to which model you choose. Personally, I think that LinkedIn ads are more successful when used for narrow reach efforts. For example, I like to use it to reach a very specific target audience and have multiple campaigns running at one time. This allows me to pinpoint which targets are working best and which I should improve or delete all together.

Social media marketing is a very scientific and complex process. It is trial and error process and if you do not know what you are doing it can cost you more than anticipated. If it is done correctly you can be very successful.

Having an experienced marketing specialist that is well versed with the ins and outs of each social media site can prove to be invaluable to your business.

Social Media ROI

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What is Social Media ROI (Return on Investment)?

Honestly, the truth is that the definition will depend on what your specific goals are. At its core, social media ROI is what your company is getting back from the time, money and resources that you are putting toward social media marketing.

I’m just going to go ahead and say it now. Measuring the return on your social media investment is no longer optional. Gone are the days where we could place an ad on Facebook and hope for the best. There are so many options for social media marketing if you just throw money willy nilly at different social media sites you will find that you have no idea where your money went and what did and did not work.

With today’s technology and analytics, companies can pinpoint what is working and what is not but you have to know what you are looking for, have a clear set of goals in mind and know who your customers are.

As a digital marketing company, it is our job to know not only how to track and measure but to have clear and concise knowledge of what works.

The general formula provided for calculating out your social media ROI is given as follows:

Social media ROI = (SM return – SM investment) / SM investment percent

Success or Failure?

Keep in mind that no two companies are the same. Each have different goals and priorities.
Some companies do not see a social media campaign as a success unless they made more money than they spent. Others see every campaign as a success as they take the results and analyze them and incorporate different elements in the next campaign.

I will admit I am the latter. I like to look at things as “glass half full”.

Some of the questions you may ask yourself are “What kinds of things did the target audience do after exposure to your campaign?” “ Did these actions align with your goals?” “ Where did they fall short?” “ How can we improve next time?”

By analyzing your successes as well as your failures you are destined to be successful.

Why is ROI Important?

Talk is cheap. In order for people to take your efforts seriously, you must improve your worth.

You can tell your clients all day long about the value of social media campaigns, nothing will convince them more than being able to show them hard actual facts.

For example, If I said to you “Social media advertising budgets have doubled worldwide over the past 2 years—going from $16 billion U.S. in 2014 to $31 billion in 2016 because it works!” Would you be sold? (stat provided by

How about if I said “Coffee Groundz used Twitter as a direct ordering channel between the company and its customers. They had a reported 20%-30% increase in company sales and market share via Twitter. They also had a total of 14,490 Twitter followers.” (stat provided by www.

There are countless reasons for measuring your social media ROI. Here are only a few:

  • Proving the value if social media to your overall goals and business objectives.
  • Allowing you to clearly see where the efforts and resources are being used efficiently
  • Enabling you to evaluate where resources are being wasted, or not used as efficiently as possible
  • Allowing you to recognize gaps in strategy, key messages, and content
  • Showing where your social media budget is being used most effectively, and showing areas where changes are needed


Now that you know what social media ROI is and why you need it, we need to set some goals.
Knowing how to measure ROI is all good and well but it is pointless if you do not have a clear set of goals. It would be like running in a race and not knowing how many other people are in the race and not knowing where you are going.

Some of the goals you may want to reach could be:

  • Reach
  • Site Traffic
  • Leads Generated
  • Sign-ups and conversions
  • Revenue generated

Once you have decided on your goals and have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish you can begin your social media campaign.

Did you Know?

An independent study revealed that many organizations avoid social media advertising because of

  • 56%: an inability to tie social media to business outcomes
  • 39%: a lack of analytics, expertise and/or resources
  • 38%: poor tools
  • 35% inconsistent analytical approaches
  • 30%: unreliable data

It is clear that if a company is not utilizing social media marketing you will inevitably fall behind your competitors. While the setting of business goals is not always going to be black and white, or perhaps you are still unsure of what you need to do in order to track social media ROI you are not alone. Contact us today for your free evaluation and begin your journey on the social media marketing bandwagon.

Is Facebook Right for my business?

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Is Facebook Right for my business?

In today’s business world if you are not including social media marketing in your marketing plan you are, to put it simply, missing the boat. If you have not put together a social media marketing plan yet then your competitors are already passing you in the market.

As social media marketing becomes more and more complicated and time-consuming it is easy to say “Who needs it anyway!?” Well I will tell you who needs it. He does. She does. They do. YOU do! I apologize if I am starting to sound a bit like Oprah. In case you wondered, yes even Oprah uses social media in her marketing plan.

Facebook also offers something that can be very useful. They have created Facebook Shop. This allows you to add your products to the Shop and customers can purchase them right from your Facebook page. I have clients that put all of their inventory in the Shop and clients that only put daily, monthly or weekly specials. The only kink that I have found is that you must be very diligent in keeping track of your inventory, especially if you are selling on multiple sites like Amazon and Ebay.

The long and short of it is although Facebook is the most popular social media site by far it is not ranked #1 in ROI social media Traffic Drivers in SMB B2B business 2016. Twitter, Linkedin and Yelp actually come in before Facebook. I believe this is because Facebook is more complicated than some of the other social media sites due to it’s size and depth. Having said that I can not say it enough. If you are not using Facebook in your marketing plan you are missing a great opportunity to increase sales.

Most companies, especially smaller companies, do not have the time for the due diligence that it takes to run a successful Facebook marketing campaign. If you are in need of someone to help you understand the ins and outs of Facebook and want to increase your sales utilizing social media then call Crosby Interactive today for your free consultation.

Is Facebook right for me?

One would think that the obvious “go to” site is Facebook. Most of you already have a Facebook page if not for business for personal. It is fairly easy to navigate on the surface. Facebook does have its limitations and disadvantages that can sometimes be frustrating.

Let’s look at a few of them.

  • Paid ads must have a graphic and the graphic can only have 20% text. This includes your logo. As a result you must be very creative in your ad design. I am lucky enough to have an amazing graphic designer on staff but if you do not then you will have to pay someone to do it and add that to the ad budget. The simpler the ad the better results you will get.
  • Approximately 80 million people use Facebook and approximately 22% of people’s internet time is on Facebook. You may be saying to yourself “WOW! I would get awesome results if I posted on Facebook.” Wellllll maybe. It really depends on how you post, how often you post, when you post and what you post. With this many people posting on Facebook it is very simple to get lost in the crowd.
  • Just because someone likes your page does not guarantee that he or she will see your updates in their newsfeed. In an effort to give users more control over their Facebook experience, Facebook allows people to unsubscribe from a pages updates. When someone unsubscribes from your updates they are hidden from the user’s feed. The user will only see your posts if they frequently visit your page. This makes it impossible to know exactly how many people are actually seeing your posts in their news feed. This is why it is even more important to make sure you are posting interesting things that speak to your followers. They will want to keep following to you if you are giving them something to keep their interest. Let’s be honest. Would you be reading this if it were boring or did not have important information that you needed? Yeah, I didn’t think so.
  • Communicating with your clients can be a negative or a positive. Like anything that is public now a days is open to ridicule. Back in the day you may have gotten a phone call or a sternly worded letter from an unhappy customer. Today anybody with a smartphone or computer can easily post whatever they like whether is it negative comments, false allegations or spam. As a result you need to closely monitor your Facebook page frequently, ideally checking each individual post. That way you can reply to good and bad comments. Remember we are in the age of instant gratification and people not only want but expect an immediate answer or reaction.

By this time you may be asking yourself “Ok so wait…what? I’m confused. Why use Facebook then?”

Oh, my friend, that answer is simple. If you aren’t on Facebook you do not have a chance of reaching any one of the 1.71 billion (yes I said billion) monthly active users. Facebook is a beast and if you know how to work the system you can be very successful!
Let’s take a look at some of the stats (stats provided by

  • Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerburg and his Harvard roommates February 4, 2004.
  • Facebook owns Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus.
  • There are 1.71 billion monthly users (as of July 2016)
  • 17% of those are mobile-only users
  • Facebook adds 500,000 new users every day; 6 new profiles every second
  • Worldwide 38.6% of the online population use Facebook
  • Facebook accounts for 62% of social logins made by consumers to sign into apps and websites of publishers and brands.
  • Users spend an average of 20 minutes per day on the site
  • Facebook sees 100 million hours of daily watch time
  • There are 50 million active small business Pages
  • 78% of advertising comes from mobile ads
  • 49% of users like a Facebook page to support a brand they like
  • Videos earn the highest rate of engagement, despite only making up 3% of content. I will elaborate on Facebook videos in another blog but keep in mind that it is important and a must to have in your social media marketing plan.

Why social media marketing?

There are several reasons for a company to invest in social media marketing. The results depend on what your goals are.

  • Increase awareness
  • Reach a new audience
  • Boost engagement
  • Increase traffic to website
  • Explore new business opportunities
  • Gain new leads
  • Work with new clients

No matter what your goals are if you do not stay on top of your social media marketing plan you will not succeed.

2017 SEO Strategies & Trends

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What is SEO Anyway?

Search engine optimization is a methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the amount of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine (SERP) — including Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

So that’s the definition but what does it really mean? Well basically, in a nutshell, it means that if you are not utilizing SEO strategies your website will be at the bottom of the list when people search for your product or service on the internet..

Unless you sell something very specific in a very small market people won’t find you.

Let me give you an example. Open another browser window and search in Google for  “Mechanics in Louisville”. Go ahead..I’ll wait.

Welcome back. When you did your search you should have come up with:

1 – Kenny Jones Automotive, Inc

2 – Mechanic on wheels

3 – Redden’s Mobile Mechanics

You may have also noticed that there are more than 10 pages for that search. Now ask yourself this: Do you want to be at the top of that list or somewhere lost at the bottom?

If you aren’t working on SEO, your competition is and you will get left behind or buried.
So now that we have explained WHAT SEO is let’s talk about what to do about it.

Trends of 2017

I really cannot say it enough. The digital marketing world is forever changing and evolving at a lightning pace. 2017 brings us some interesting facts and new techniques. Although keywords are still important, typing in simple words yields simple results. Consumers today know exactly what they’re looking for, and search engines are getting much better at identifying user intent.

For your 2017 SEO strategy, it will be critical to:

1 – Investigate. What are users searching for that brings them to your page? What questions do they want your content to answer?

2 – Optimize. Once you have gathered your research data and found areas that need improvement, make the changes needed to boost ratings. Based on your research, tell the consumer’s story by altering content to reflect the reader’s experience.

3 – Adjust. Keep up with analytics to see what’s working and what isn’t so you can update accordingly.

We all turn to Google for answers. In response to our queries, Google will often display the required information directly in search results, along with other helpful websites, videos, movie or event information, reviews or specific dates.

Structured data markup (often referred to as “schema markup”) can help website owners achieve these enhanced listings on search engine results pages (SERPs). This markup works to assist search engines in understanding website content, allowing them to display that information in a way that is helpful for users.

For example, let’s say you ask Google for instructions for cooking meatloaf. The SERP features a rich answer (also known as a “direct answer” or “featured snippet”), followed by search listings that contain rich snippets relevant to recipes, such as reviews, ratings, cook time and calorie information:

According to studies, the volume of rich answers appearing in search results has nearly doubled from 2014 to 2016. If this trend continues, we’re likely to see an even greater number in the coming years.
Users love quick access to useful information like this, so do yourself a favor and consider implementing schema markup for your website in 2017, if you haven’t already.

On The Go

In May 2015, Google reported that mobile searches had surpassed desktop searches on its search engine. Since then, the company has taken many steps which signal that mobile, not desktop, should be considered as the default user experience. In fact, Google recently announced that it has begun experiments to make its index mobile-first.

Mobile accessibility has reshaped SEO over the past few years. Mobile search is growing at a rapid pace and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down in the future. Mobile optimization has always been important but 2017 will prove it mandatory.

Speak Up

Technology is undeniably growing for a few years now. It has been working out the kinks of voice search and quickly has become the preferred way of searching. Think about it, hands free, fast and simple. In America today, everyone wants instant gratification and simplicity. As the error rate of voice search plummets the speech recognition error rate has been reduced from around 25 percent two years ago to just 8 percent today.

Sum it up

There are many more aspects to SEO and how to make it the most effective strategy for your business. No worries though, that’s what we are here for.

Call Crosby Interactive today for your Free SEO consultation!  Let us do the leg work and help you make your 2017 business resolution a reality.

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    Address :
    Horizon Office Park I
    13101 Magisterial Dr. – Ste 210
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    Phone: (502) 767-3014