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Display Banner Advertising

If you have ever surfed the World Wide Web you have seen some type of Banner Ad displayed attempting to entice you to click. Display Banner Advertising can be an effective online marketing tool for small business to large.  However, how do you go about managing an online banner advertising campaign?  How can banner advertising through online display networks benefit your business?

Don’t let the technical lingo frighten you.  Managing and maintaining a successful online banner advertising campaign can be a lucrative advertising source that follows a few simple marketing rules.  I will walk you through step by step how to develop a digital display banner advertising strategy that can be used for any type of business

Why Should You Use Banner Advertising for Your Online Marketing?

Display Banner Advertising through popular search networks such as Google, Yahoo & Bing can be very cost effective.  You can reach a large audience, specifically targeted to your industry or goal for your business.

These banner ads operate on a Cost-Per-Click (CPC) marketing technique similar to the text Search Engine Marketing you are used to with Google Adwords. However, much of the time banner ads are seen more often than they are clicked. This brings you brand & name recognition for every impression, and only costs when the user is ready to purchase what you are advertising in the banner ad or read more about your message. In comparison to TV, Radio, Print and Direct Mail Marketing ads that blanket an area for one price, hoping to reach the correct audience; display banner advertising is optimized toward your particular industry, topic or even specific websites you select. Digital Display Banner Advertising networks also provide analytics and reporting to help track your return on investment.

Bottom line, if your online banner advertising campaign doesn’t produce results You’re Doing It Wrong!

Benefits of Online Display Banner Advertising Include:

  • Target a Larger, More Specific Audience.
  • Brand & Name Recognition for every Banner Ad Impression.
  • Greater, more Cost-Effective ROI. Pay only when someone clicks the banner ad.
  • Banner advertising provides immediate access to purchase goods, email or contact you.
  • Track your results and adjust banner advertising campaign strategy based on response.

Successful Display banner Advertising Strategy

There are a few key elements to a successful Display Banner Advertising campaign.  If you follow these simple guidelines you are well on your way to growing your business, increasing leads and revenue using banner ads.

What Are Your Goals for the Banner Advertising Campaign?

This sounds simple enough right?  What are your banner advertising goals?  If you are an ecommerce business your goal is likely to increase sales & revenue through banner advertising.  If your business objective is to get new clients your goal may be to increase email & phone leads generated from your website.  If you offer a service to a highly competitive industry, your banner advertising goal can simply be to increase brand recognition and awareness of your business and your message.  A clearly defined goal must be identified before your Banner Advertising Campaign can begin.

What is Your Target Audience?

In order for any advertisement to be successful it has to reach your target audience.  Therefore, if you want your Display Banner Advertising Campaign to be successful your message needs to reach the right people.  Here are some tips for identifying your target audience.

  • Use analytics software to gauge current Organic Traffic entering your site.
    • Identify age, gender & geographic information about your current audience.
    • Are these numbers expected? Should you continue to focus on this audience or target the areas where you are lacking exposure?
  • Use the nature of your business to identify the Target Audience for Banner Advertising.
    • Are you advertising for Job Openings?
    • Will your Banners Advertise Products for Sale?
    • Is Sales your focus? To whom do you want to sell to?
  • Do you have multiple Target Audiences? You might consider tailoring your message differently depending on the specific group of people you want to entice into clicking your Banner Ads.

What is Your Banner Advertising Message?

Now that you have established the goal or goals for your banner advertising campaign, and you’ve identified to whom you want to target the banner ads to, you are ready to work on the actual message in your Display Banner Ad. Don’t be afraid to be creative! What a lot of people forget about a Display Banner Ad, is that your message is being shown to a user who is in the middle of something else.

This person came to another website with a purpose. Whether that is to read the news, catch up on stocks or check out the latest shoe styles you have to display your message in an eye catching way that entices them to stop what they are doing, read & click your Banner Ad.Most display banner advertisements should include a Call to Action in the ad. For example, a “Buy Now” or “Shop This Sale” button on the banner ad asks the viewer to click if they want to purchase. If you have more to say you may advertise “Click to Read More” or “Learn More About This” on your banner ad.

Banner Advertising Landing Pages Are Important!

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when promoting your business through Display Banner Advertising is to point your banner ad to an irrelevant page.  When someone clicks on your banner ad they expect to “land” on a page that contains more information about the message they were just viewing.  If your landing page is your home page, you may be wasting money.  You may choose to create a new Responsive Web Design for your landing page as part of your banner ad strategy.The landing page for your display banner advertising campaign should have a similar look and feel to it as the banner ad.  This creates a sense of continuity for your audience and visually continues the theme they were just exposed to.There should be additional information on the landing page that is directly related to what was in the banner ad.  If the user saw products for sale in your banner ad the landing page should take them to that specific product or to the sale page containing the product.  If the Banner Advertisement boasts your web development services the landing page should continue the same topic of conversation.  The last thing you want to do is bring someone to your website and frustrate them by not having the information readily available when they get there.

Display Banner Advertisements Aren’t Just For Clicking

There are different ways to use display banner advertising to grow your business, increase your leads and revenue online.  The primary use for banner advertising is by having a Call to Action that you want people to click on.  This type of display banner advertising asks people to come to your website NOW because you are having a sale, offering free consultations, hiring for a new position etc.

Another use for Display Banner Advertising is brand or name recognition. In this case, it isn’t the clicks you are necessarily driving for it is impressions. You target your audience carefully or remarket to an audience that has already visited your website. This type of banner advertising keeps delivering your message like a seed that grows in their mind. Your message may be an industry that needs research before deciding to contact you; or your banner advertisement may be for a service they won’t need until later in the year. By keeping your brand, your name, your website continuously displayed to your target audience you are building a foundation for leads in the future.

Wrapping It Up – Display Banner Ads

Display Banner Advertising can be a very profitable way to grow your business online.  Please feel free to contact me for a free consultation review and I will show you how Online Display Banner Advertising can help your business Get More Leads, More Sales & More Revenue!

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    Contact Information

    Office Hours :
    Mon – Fri, 8am – 5:30pm EST
    Address :
    Horizon Office Park I
    13101 Magisterial Dr. – Ste 210
    Louisville, KY 40223-5137

    Phone: (502) 767-3014